Revision Workshops

Consolidate your learning the fun way! Revise the key grammar topics of your level!

During my enjoyable and entertaining workshops you will be able cement what you have learnt so far and boost your confident in Italian as you move to your next level Ciao Bella® standard course. These revision sessions focus mainly on crucial grammar topics and vocabulary with learning games and mini challenges as brain breaks.

Language levels: Beginners, Intermediate, Advanced.

2 or 3-hour one-off workshops

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Workshops Overview

Workshop LEVEL 1: This 3-hour workshop will help you revise the key grammar points of the beginner level course. Whether you are half way through or the end of the Beginners level, you can attend this workshop as revision or as preparation ahead of your usual class. Topics will be: definite and indefinite articles,  regular and irregular verbs in the present tense, frequency adverbs, interrogatives, the verb piacere, the difference between conoscere e sapere, the prepositions A and IN, c’è / ci sono, some expressions with avere, 1st and 2nd type of adjectives, the adverbs male e bene, modal verbs, compound prepositions.

Workshop LEVEL 2: In this 3-hour session, you’ll enhance your Italian language skills as you advance into Intermediate level courses. It’s an opportunity to refresh your knowledge on topics like reflexive verbs, the past tense passato prossimo, some verbs with double auxiliary, imperfect, future, conditional, imperative, possessive adjectives, the demonstrative adjective quello, the verb volerci, the particles CI and NE, absolute superlative and comparatives, direct and indirect pronouns, stare + gerund.  Suitable for end of Pre – Intermediate and Intermediate levels.

Workshop LEVEL 3: In this 3-hour session, you will boost your confidence and focus on the key grammar points that are crucial for proficiency in Italian while you are progressing to the upper intermediate Ciao Bella® standard courses. You will consolidate your learning on topics like: i pronomi relativi, i verbi modali e sapere/conoscere all’imperfetto e passato prossimo, il congiuntivo presente, l’imperativo formale, il trapassato prossimo, il condizionale passato, i verbi pronominali, i verbi servire e bisogna, il comparativo di maggioranza, minoranza e uguaglianza e i comparativi e superlativi irregolari di buono e bene / cattivo e male, l’aggettivo bello, i pronomi combinati, il prefisso negativo -in, stare per + infinito, altri usi di CI e NE, i pronomi possessivi, i connettivi e i plurali irregolari. Suitable from Intermediate to Upper Intermediate levels.

Workshop LEVEL 4: This 3-hour comprehensive revision workshop is designed to solidify your learning as you progress to the advanced level of the Italian language. Revisit the complexities of il congiuntivo passato, il congiuntivo imperfetto, il congiuntivo trapassato, la concordanza verbale, il discorso indiretto, la forma passiva, i tre periodi ipotetici e il gerundio modale e temporale, il gerundio passato, l’infinito passato. Suitable for end of Upper Intermediate, Pre – Advanced and Advanced levels.

Workshop PASSATO PROSSIMO: In this 2-hour session you will revise how to form the past participle of regular and irregular verbs, how to choose the right auxiliary verb and talk about what you have done in the past. Everything through games and fun activities! Suitable for Beginners Level 2 and Pre – Intermediate levels.

Workshop “I TRE PASSATI”: Join this 3 hour workshop and become a master of the three most used Italian past tenses in everyday life:  passato prossimo, imperfetto e trapassato prossimo. Choosing the correct one in your speech can be tricky sometimes. In this workshop you will revise their uses to clear up any confusion related to this grammar focus. Suitable from Intermediate to Upper Intermediate levels.


  • No textbook required

Suited to the following levels:

  • Beginners Level 1
  • Beginners Level 2
  • Pre – Intermediate
  • Intermediate
  • Upper Intermediate
  • Pre – Advanced
  • Advanced.

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Revision Workshop LEVEL 1 – 10/11 4pm-7pm, Revision Workshop LEVEL 2 – 31st May 4pm-7pm, Revision Workshop LEVEL 3 (ONLINE) – 27/10 4pm-7pm, Revision Workshop LEVEL 4, Revision Workshop PASSATO PROSSIMO – 14th June 5pm-7pm, Revision Workshop I TRE PASSATI (ONLINE) – 7th June 4pm-7pm


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